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Multimodal transport (also known as combined transport) is the transportation of goods which is performed by at least two different modes of transport; for example by sea and river, by air and road, by sea and road ..., or other words multimodal transport is to be on behalf of the shipper to combine different modes of transport to complete a transportation procedure from warehouse to warehouse. The combination needs to be done in a logical and systematic way to save time, save costs and bring back the maximum trust for customers.

HTL has a full and variety of equipment, means of transport which is combined with a highly professional staff with years of experience in the transport industry (especially for big projects), good understandings of local and international transport rules, good knowledge of transport routes; together with specialized road way and water way transport team and trustful partners with full capabilities for providing its customers with the best multimodal transport services at the most reasonable prices.

One of HTL's typical multimodal transport projects was the Bac Lieu Wind Farm - Phase I in which HTL performed the transportation of 10 sets of wind turbine 1.6MW - 82.5m from a foreign port to the job site. The total transport volume included:

- 10 sets of blades with the length of 40m each, the weight of 9MT each

- 10 sets of towers, each tower having 3 sections with the total length of 77m, the diameter of the biggest section of 4.3m

- 10 nacelles (machine head) with the weight of 53MT each

- 10 hubs with the weight of 17.6MT each

Together with all related parts and accessories.

The transport process was implemented as follows:

With the above mentioned procedure, HTL was responsible for supervising the cargos which were packed at the warehouse until when they were transported to the discharge port for loading onto the vessel at the export country. HTL was also in charged of leasing the ocean vessel, loading the cargos on board, lashing as required, buying insurance and transporting the cargos by seaway to Vietnam. In Vietnam, HTL completed customs clearance, unloading and loading the cargos onto its local transport equipment and transport by riverway and roadway to the storage yard for installation works.


Load in/ Load out heavy structures
Project Management
Transport oversize cargos by roadway and seaway
Move and install railway and roadway bridge components
Install heavy equipment and structures by skidding and lifting system
Provide services of lifting and installation of equipment by gantry and tower crane
Implement logistics services globally
Provide logistics and transportation services by seaway
Provide consulting services and research of feasible plan for transporting, loading/ unloading and installation of equipment
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